My Son the Pornographer is a love story between a father and a son. We follow Art, a man raised with conservative moral values, as he visits his son Kole who works as a writer and actor in the pornography business in Prague.

Concerned about the sexual abuse Kole experienced as a child and perceiving that Kole’s current lifestyle is directly linked to that sad past, Art hopes to get Kole out of a life that, in Art’s eyes, is negative and soul-destroying. Throughout the film, Art and Kole struggle with their relationship in a sometimes painful and yet surprisingly humourous way. As the story unfolds, Art convinces Kole to return to Canada to confront the past in the hope that Kole will begin healing his troubled life. When Art hires a private detective to track the abuser, he discovers how close to violence he himself can come.

My Son the Pornographer is a story about the stresses and strains that tear families apart, about values, life choices, guilt and ultimately about the love between a father and a son.